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Riptide Builders

Riptide Builders Riptide Builders was founded on the vision of anticipating leading trends in home building and being among the first to fulfill them along the Coastal Carolinas. Riptide Builders was founded under the governing philosophy "to develop and to build innovative homes in prime locations which meet and exceed the needs of today's buyers". Riptide Builders proudly continues the tradition in every home we build. Today, Riptide Builders name is well recognized for providing buyers the best value for their dollar. Our beautiful homes feature unique spacious designs, expert craftsmanship, and state of the art features. Riptide Builders believes that the value and quality a buyer receives with a "Riptide Home" far exceeds those of our competition. We give our client an incentive to buy, just by our product alone.

Want to see which Floor Plans can be built on which Lots? Curious to see what Graphite Grey siding looks like with an Evening Blue color door? Well, now you can with just a few clicks using this HOME BUILDER APP: Click Get Started Here. To find the Marsh Haven subdivision, unclick Hampstead. Click the box that the Marsh Haven sign is in. Click Find Plan. Once you have chosen your floor plan, choose your lot and click Design Elevation. Then you are able to choose your siding, shake, door, roof and brick colors.